“Pride Month” is coming a full month early for students at a community college in Maricopa County, Arizona.

According to a post on the Chandler-Gilbert Community College website, a “passionate queer” college administrator will deliver a talk on Tuesday titled “He, She, They: Why Pronouns Matter.”

“There has been a lot of attention on pronouns in the news headlines recently—from state bills aimed at regulating pronouns in the classroom to social media platforms offering pronoun options,” the event description reads. “So, what is a pronoun? How are pronouns related to gender identity, such as cisgender, transgender, nonbinary? What are gender identities? Is there a difference between gender identity and gender expression?” 

The workshop will be led by Eric Tanchez, Jr., an administrator in the student services department who self-identifies as “dancing, queer, vouging, and activist,” according to a blog post. He also describes himself as a “combatant of white supremacy in all forms” and notes that his work helps “queer and transgender” students and employees hold institutions accountable.

Throughout the past month, almost every extracurricular event held on the community college’s campus has been designed to advance the Left’s agenda: a “paint and sip” event for LGBTQ+ students, a meeting of the “queer-affirming” Latinx club, a presentation by the vice president of diversity and inclusion, and more.

College should be a place for learning, not leftist indoctrination.