By: Elizabeth Guldimann

Columbia University Professor Anthony Zenkus used Easter as an occasion to voice his distaste for capitalism on Twitter, absurdly claiming that “Capitalism causes mental illness.”

With his tweet only supported by an anti-capitalist TEDTalk made by journalist Johann Hari, its reception was largely negative–receiving hundreds of replies even from those who support socialism.

In another tweet made on the same day, Zenkus–who teaches social work–claimed that “Psychiatry is a tool of inequality. Capitalism creates conditions that make us sick, then it manufactures pills they tell us will make us well.” To this claim, Zenkus provided support not in the form of a TEDTalk, but in the form of his own anecdotal evidence.

Zenkus, an adjunct lecturer, was an organizer with the Occupy Wall Street movement and regularly advocates for socialist policies. He also tweeted last year that the American flag is a “symbol of genocide.”

Why is a professor of social work manipulating issues of mental health to promote his leftist agenda? Zenkus’ Tweets reflect the mindset of many professors in today’s higher education system–a hatred for the prosperous, free market system that provides equal opportunity to all.

Elizabeth Guldimann is a National Journalism Center intern at YAF’s New Guard.