A college student named Olivia says in a viral TikTok video that she received a failing grade on her final assignment as a result of her use of the term “biological woman.”


“Olivia, this is a solid proposal. However, the terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity,” the instructor commented on the assignment grading section. 

“I 100% know that this is the most biased grade ever because my project is about transgenders competing in biological women’s sports,” Olivia says in her video. “How am I supposed to do my final project if I can’t use the word ‘biological woman, but that’s what my project is about?” she asks.

In a follow-up video, Olivia says that the assignment is one of very few and that its impact on her overall course grade was significant.

It’s ridiculous that a biological female college student is being punished by her professor for using true and biologically-accurate language.

Young America’s Foundation was unable to immediately reach the student but will continue trying in order to connect her with legal assistance and resources.