YAFers at the Reagan RanchBy Jolie Stuart-Davis 

As conservatives we have had a string of recent disappointments,
but as activists, the fight is just getting

For me, finding Young America’s Foundation was an accident. I
never expected it to change the course of my college and law school

I chose to take a trip with the conservative club on my campus
and thought I would have a good time and make some new friends.
After I attended a YAF conference, I knew I was passionate about
conservative activism. I became more involved with the conservative
club on my college campus to show others the importance of
conservative values. 

Over the next year, I started a Young Americans for Freedom
chapter and formed a coalition of conservative groups. Together we
put on several campus initiatives like the 9/11: Never Forget
Project, Freedom Week, and March Liberal Madness.  

It wasn’t easy and we faced challenges along the way, but we
were making a difference. We stood up to the liberals on campus and
had fun doing it. 

Now more then ever, we need to be present on high school and
college campuses. Liberal professors are teaching students to be
liberals. It is our duty to show them they can think for
themselves. Give them the facts and they will see conservatives
have the right idea. 

This fall at Penn State, YAF built and tore down a mock Berlin
Wall as a part of Freedom Week. During that week, a student from China learned that Mao Zedong was not the heroic leader the student
was always told about.  

Without YAF on campus, what other liberal fabrications would go

It is up to us conservative students to change the minds of our

Looking back twenty years from now, I will be able to tell my
family how I stood up for conservative values and how I made a
difference. We may not be the largest campus organization, but we
can be the most active. 

Jolie Stuart-Davis is a member of Penn State Young Americans for Freedom.

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