College Fix, Heat Street Highlight YAF Funeral for Halloween Initiative

Last week, Young America’s Foundation announced its Funeral for Halloween activism initiative, encouraging students to stand up against the politically correct university administrators seeking to dampen the fun of the holiday.

After Virginia Tech Young Americans for Freedom successfully hosted a Funeral for Halloween in 2015, we decided to expand the model nationwide. This year, we’re encouraging conservative students around the country to bring the event to their campuses and fight back against the Left’s nonsense about “cultural appropriation” that only serves to suck all of the fun out of a great holiday.

Our announcement of this initiative was covered by The College Fix and Heat Street.

Read their reports here:

Students Say Halloween ‘Murdered by Political Correctness,’ Launch Campaign to ‘Bury’ It

Conservative student group plans ‘Funeral for Halloween’ to protest PC attack on costumes

Learn more about how to host YAF’s Funeral for Halloween on your campus HERE. Don’t let your school’s PC police shut down the fun this October.