Last week, we wrote about our YAF chapter at Clemson University in South Carolina and their 2nd Amendment Banquet. In celebration of our 2nd Amendment rights, they will be having a drawing for an “assault” rifle, which has drawn a lot of media attention and outrage from some on the Left.

Nick James, the group’s chairman, has come under fire on his Facebook page because of the event, from Clemson professors, no less. Here is some of the arrogant hate:

 It’s important to reiterate that this event has been sanctioned by the university and that the gun will not even be on campus when the giveaway takes place. Anyone above the age of 18 can go out and purchase the same exact weapon anytime they wanted. Nick’s group has gone above and beyond to make sure that they have followed all the correct laws. They are working through a licensed retailer who will conduct a background check on the winner.

If “Doctor” Coggeshall wants students to have a good sense of history, he should practice what he preaches. April 19, 1775 was an important day in the history of our country. The American Revolutionary War began on that day with the battles of Lexington and Concord.















Also, more reactions. Some folks are embarrassed to be a Clemson graduate? Why? It’s a student group, conducting an activity that has an OK from the school. No illegal activity is going on here? You’re embarrassed because people are following the rules, or are you just showing how inconsiderate you are of other people’s views?

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