On Thursday, November 17, the Editorial Board of the Chicago Tribune published an op-ed slamming DePaul University for its treatment of Ben Shapiro, siding with the school’s YAF chapter who organized the event in question (which was sponsored in full by Young America’s Foundation).

Earlier in the week, DePaul turned Ben Shapiro away from attending a YAF-sponsored lecture featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, threatening to arrest him for trespassing live on camera in a broadcast on YAF’s Facebook. The school previously stated he was banned from speaking on campus because of “security” concerns.

In response, the paper wrote, “In this case, DePaul had a few days’ notice and could have allowed Shapiro to appear with adequate security on hand. That would have served the interests of students and made a powerful statement about a university as a marketplace of ideas. Students would have heard Shapiro, engaged him and reached their own conclusions about the values and merits of the conservatism in the era of Trump.”

The board concluded, “Unfortunately, DePaul missed another chance to play the role of enlightened teacher.”

YAF activists have been working overtime to fight for free expression. That a major national mainstream outlet like the Tribune is supporting their efforts is an indication of YAF’s success.

Young America’s Foundation is proud of its students who promote conservative ideas from coast-to-coast, despite encountering hostile university administrations like the one at DePaul. We’re giving thousands of students every week access to unfiltered conservative ideas.