At the University of Florida, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter maintained its key role as the visible presence of the Conservative Movement. UF YAF hosted weekly activities and sometimes multiple events per week. In addition to their tabling and outreach, UF YAF hosted the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan and—through YAF’s Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series—”Factual Feminist” Christina Hoff Sommers. When administrators and student government officials attempted to treat UF YAF as less-than their leftist peers, Young America’s Foundation worked with the chapter to sue the University of Florida.

While UF YAF is well-known on campus for their bold activism, one of their most impactful initiatives this past semester was their advocacy for strong border security and legal immigration. The chapter constructed displays to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis on the US-Mexico border and create a venue for discussion on potential solutions. This activism initiative inspired more than 100 students to join UF YAF but also saw leftist vandals repeatedly destroy their displays.

Undeterred by leftist intolerance, UF YAF continued their work. Keeping a careful eye on their activism displays, UF YAF was able to catch the vandals in the act and reported the destructive individuals to campus authorities. This resulted in charges and three convictions for criminal mischief and petty theft, along with fines and 50 hours of community service for the guilty parties.

The following members of UF YAF were instrumental in the chapter’s success:

-Dylan Finucan

-Philip Smith

-Susanna Goewey

-Tiffany Berkley