Texas A&M is typically indifferent to ideological differences and generally apathetic to discussions taking place outside of the campus bubble, meaning the Texas A&M Young Americans for Freedom chapter had to put in extra work to get their peers involved.

After seeing that many students at Texas A&M were already fans of the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles, the YAF chapter organized a joint speaking event featuring both Klavan and Knowles through YAF’s Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series. Excited to hear conservative ideas in person from leading conservatives they’d only heard on podcasts, students filled the lecture hall to capacity with dozens of students turned away due to fire code. The presentation has been viewed more than 130,000 times online since.

The powerful discussion of conservative ideas and their importance in our culture today invigorated the young audience, leading to more than 30 students joining the Texas A&M YAF chapter following the event. “We’re having an impact on the largest in the nation, which I think will be integral to keeping a huge state like Texas conservative for years to come,” chapter chair Reed Olsen noted.

The following members of Texas A&M YAF were instrumental to the chapter’s success:

-AJ Castle

-Chris Tarantino

-Parker Smith

-Clancy Forlano

-Maggie Dorris

-Joel Rebollar

-Matt Poling

-Emma Schaller