University of Florida (UF) Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) spent March fiercely promoting conservatism on campus. Not only did they spend the month preparing and advertising for their campus lecture, they also paired it with unique activism. For UF YAF’s perseverance and commitment to boldly and consistently promoting conservatism on campus, they have been named March Chapter of the Month.

The YAF chapter started the month of March by hosting a socialist bake sale.  This event demonstrated the flawed logic of their peers who support socialism.  The rise of anti-free market groups on UF’s campus inspired the chapter hold this event.  They did not just sit behind their keyboards and complain about the rise of the Left on their campus.  Instead, UF YAF went out and did something about it.  In turn they were able to expose hundreds of students to ideas of limited government and free enterprise.

When word got out that UF YAF was hosting Ben Shapiro, intolerant leftists were threatened by the spread of conservative ideas.  Instead of respectfully allowing the chapter to promote their event, campus liberals resorted to vandalizing the chapter’s advertisements and planning unsuccessful protests. Instead of being discouraged by the pushback from the Left, UF YAF used the dissent as an opportunity to come out even stronger and step up their activism.

UF YAF’s constant stream of bold activism has led them to gain a high profile on campus. Students ended up waiting hours to gain tickets to their event, and the lecture hall was jam packed. Students at the University of Florida are aware that YAF is the principle outreach group of the Conservative Movement on campus.

Reflecting on the chapter’s March activism Daniel Weldon told YAF  “It was so rewarding and we have some great momentum for the future. The best part was definetly the amount of students who finally felt included and respected. They felt like they had a voice and it was so worth it all.”

In addition to the Socialist Bake Sale and hosting Ben Shapiro, UF YAF has participated in Young America’s Foundation’s 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week.  The chapter has also regularly tabled and held meetings. UF YAF created it’s own campus free speech project, and has held a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s film “America: Imagine the World Without Her.”

UF YAF is led by Chairman Daniel Weldon , Co-Vice Chairman Daniel Zamora, Co-Vice Chairman Krista Del Toro, Treasurer Regan Lee, Secretary Dylan Beitel, and Special Event Chair Noah MacGinnis.