In the month of February, University at Buffalo Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) boldly advocated for conservative values in an environment that was very hostile to their ideas. For being proactive advocates of the values that make America exceptional, University at Buffalo has been named February YAF Chapter of the Month.

This summer at Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference (NCSC), Lynn Sementilli had a vision to ignite the Conservative Movement on her campus.  She left the program energized to bring a YAF chapter to the University at Buffalo. Despite a tremendous amount of bureaucratic roadblocks, Lynn persevered in her pursuit to bring the torch of freedom to campus.

At the beginning of the spring semester, the club was finally approved by university administrators. Within the chapter’s first week of official activism on campus, the club held a pro-USA rally in support of America and the values that make it great.  In less than 24 hours, Buffalo YAFers quickly assembled this plan to respond to the parade of leftist rallies occurring on their campus following the election.

As the protestors finished their lap around campus, they were met by a strong YAF led coalition of conservative students chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!”.  YAF activists were also blasting patriotic songs and waving signs with pro-America messages.  For the first time on University at Buffalo’s campus this year, the Left’s heinous claims did not go unanswered. University at Buffalo YAFers provided their peers a new viewpoint and proved to be the visible presence of the Conservative Movement on campus.

Following the event, chapter chairman Lynn Sementilli told YAF “All of the members who took part in this pro-USA demonstration were totally energized by this experience, and we are so pumped to continue advocating conservative values on our campus. Our YAF chapter at UB is now more ready than ever to take on the radical leftists on our campus and show the community that there are conservative students on our campus who stand for reason, freedom, and the founding principles that made America great.”

In their time seeking official approval from the university, the chapter prevailed in participating in the 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week. University at Buffalo YAF also regularly recruits new members, conducts meetings, and organizes social events to reward club members for their hard work participating in conservative activism.  Going forward they are looking forward to hosting a high-profile conservative speaker through Young America’s Foundation’s comprehensive campus lecture program.

Most recently some YAF members took over a presentation aimed at relating capitalism and the oppression of human rights.  Instead of buying into the leftist narrative, University at Buffalo YAFers pushed back and advanced the idea that free-market capitalism is the only economic system that preserves the rights of all parties.

University at Buffalo YAF is led by Chairman Lynn Sementilli, Vice- Chairman Alexa Archambault, Secretary Haley Blonsky, and Treasurer Tim Zarecki.