In September, Saddleback College, a public school in California, created bureaucratic roadblocks to prevent the Saddleback College Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter from creating an American flag memorial as part of the 9/11: Never Forget Project.

Saddleback College YAF did not let the administration get in their way of honoring the 2,977 innocent lives lost to radical Islamic terrorism.  The chapter quickly organized a group of YAFers from across the state of California to come together and build the memorial before classes the next day.

Saddleback College YAF refused to back down despite multiple attempts by leftists to thwart their activism. For their perseverance and strength, Saddleback YAF is the September chapter of the month.


Opposition to Saddleback College YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project expanded further than the obstacles set by school administrators.  YAF activists at Saddleback were greeted that morning by purple haired professor, Margot Lovett, tearing down their posters with images that memorialized innocent lives lost to terrorism.

Kyle Chiu recounting the event stated, “After she tore down our posters we were quick to put the posters back up.  Actually, people still tear down our posters to this day and we go back to put even more up. Going forward we are working to get policy changed to promote free speech on campus. Students’ free speech rights are being violated and we would like to see them restored.”

Following the events surrounding the 9/11: Never Forget project, Saddleback YAF has launched the SCYAF Freedom Initiative. Chiu describes the initiative as “a collection of ways to help students get involved in promoting free speech on campus. It’s a way to notify students about their lack of free speech rights on campus, and provides them a way to fight to get them back.”

SCYAF table

In the month of October, Saddleback College YAF is hosting Dr. Sebastian Gorka for a speech titled “Winning the War Against Islamic Terrorism.”  The chapter just returned from the YAF Atlanta Activism Training and also plans on participating in the Funeral for Halloween, Freedom Week and attending YAF’s Fall College Retreat in Washington D.C. They are also hosting David French in November.

“The future of Saddleback YAF is very bright. We are gaining more new members every week and we can’t wait to make a visible change on campus!” says vice-chair Kyle Chiu.

Saddleback College YAF is led by chairman Audra Leslie, vice-chairman Kyle Chiu, secretary Makenna Stock, treasurer Tommy Columbus, and director of activism and communications Taylor Samuelson.

Congratulations to Saddleback YAF on being named September chapter of the month!  Thank you for being the visible presence of the Conservative Movement on your campus.