In the month of December, Liberty University Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) hosted Steve Forbes in front of an audience of 12,000 students followed by a private question and answer event attended by over 250 students.  In one day, every student at Liberty University was impacted by the activism of the YAF chapter.  For their ability to impact a vast audience and diligent efforts to promote conservatism on campus, Liberty University Young Americans for Freedom has been named December Chapter of the Month.


Semesters of hard work and successful activism contributed to the success Liberty YAF’s event featuring Steve Forbes.  On a campus where there are numerous conservative groups, the YAF chapter consistently worked hard to grab the attention of there peers and school administrators by hosting successful events and activism initiatives.

Chairman Adam Ochs said the club “decided to host steve Forbes because we thought that he would appeal to a broad spectrum of students. From business majors to journalism majors, they would all want to hear his insight on economic issues and how he became a successful businessman.”


The chapter first caught the attention of university president, Jerry Falwell Jr. when they hosted Dinesh D’Souza to a standing room only audience.  The chapter leadership went on to develop a relationship with President Falwell that provided vice-chairman Emily Hensler an opportunity to work for convocation and coordinate a YAF sponsored school wide lecture.

In addition to hosting the convocation, Liberty YAF put on a private event afterwards where over 250 students showed up to meet Forbes and ask him questions.  The chapter advertised for this event in the weeks leading up to the lecture.  Ochs went on to say “The biggest reward was being able to bring in such an influential person to speak in front of 12,000 students at convocation. Offering the students at Liberty an opportunity to meet and ask Mr. Forbes questions afterwards was a great way of showing the campus that our club does more than just pass out flyers and candy.”


In addition to holding regular meetings, Liberty YAF tabled at campus recruitment fairs, took part in the 9/11: Never Forget project, and participated in Freedom Week by building and tearing down a mock Berlin Wall.  As a result of their event they have received interest from dozens of students interested in joining their club. They are planning to host another big name conservative speaker in the spring semester.

Liberty YAF is led by chairman Adam Ochs, vice chairman Emily Hensler, and executive board member John Maher.

Congratulations to Liberty YAF. We are excited to see the amazing things you will continue to do this upcoming semester!