In the month of October, California State University Los Angeles Young Americans for Freedom (CSULA YAF) was the most active conservative student group in the nation. In addition to holding regular meetings and recruiting, the chapter organized two outstanding campus lectures and participated in YAF’s newest activism initiative, the Funeral for Halloween.

For their staunch commitment to boldly promoting conservative ideas to new audiences, CSULA YAF is the October Chapter of the Month.

Group shot CSULA


Their successful activism was met with opposition from the Left. Intolerant feminists tore down YAF posters promoting Christina Hoff Sommers’ lecture hosted by the chapter. Leftists immediately lit up on social media to plan protests and brainstorm ways to shut down the event.  CSULA YAFers stood strong as they continued to boldly promote the event.  The auditorium was packed and the lecture was broadcast live to thousands of others across the country.

Just a few weeks after hosting Christina Hoff Sommers, CSULA YAF went on to host Star Parker for a lecture titled,“Abortion: Planed Parenthood’s War Against the Poor.”  While advertising for the event, members of CSULA YAF were smeared as ‘coons’ and called “f**king retarded” by leftist protestors who were filmed tearing down posters.

CSULA administrators who claim to promote diversity and inclusion did nothing in response to these atrocities committed against conservative students.  Instead of complaining and falling victim to the disgusting attacks, CSULA YAFers refused to back down. They continued to promote conservatism even stronger than before.


CSULA YAF also held a Funeral for Halloween, in order to show how the culture of political correctness and campus leftists are killing the once light-hearted holiday. The club put together an elaborate display that included a coffin, “banned” halloween costumes, and handed out obituaries in memory of the beloved holiday.

Chairman Mark Kahanding understands the importance of consistently carrying out substantial activism events on campus. “We receive numerous new dedicated members following each event we host on campus, and we are really making a massive impact.”

This semester the chapter participated in the 9/11: Never Forget Project and had members attend every seminar and training program hosted by Young America’s Foundation for college students. They are currently carrying out their own Freedom Week initiative, and are sending 18 chapter members to YAF’s Fall College Retreat.


“The Left at CSULA is tired and beaten from protesting and trying to stop us. Next semester we are going to have a massive impact on our campus by having monthly events to show that we are not afraid of the Left,” says Kahanding.

The chapter is led by chairman Mark Kahanding, vice president Lisa Di Giovanna, vice chairman Ana Martinez, public affairs officer Bryan Ariana, recruitment officer Derek Peyton, treasurer Sadie Rubalcava, and secretary Kevin Amador.

CSULA YAF was named YAF Chapter of the Month this past February and YAF Chapter of the Year for the 2015-2016 school year.  Congratulations to CSULA YAF and thanks for all you to do promote conservatism on your campus and beyond!