A mob of intolerant leftists did not stop the Cañada College Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter from carrying on a successful campus lecture featuring Rabbi Daniel Lapin. For their perseverance and bold actions, Cañada College YAF has been named April chapter of the month.

Chairman Tommy Beal first became introduced to YAF while attending a Reagan Ranch High School Conference. “I quickly realized that this is what I was supposed to be doing in life and I quickly became passionate about making the club successful in teaching students conservative truths.”  Over the past month, Beal worked diligently to gain official recognition from his school, recruit club members, and build a Conservative Movement at Cañada College.

On the day of the event Cañada College YAF had recruited a large crowd to the event. Unfortunately, once the presentation began, rowdy leftist hecklers continually shouted profanities and interrupted Lapin for thirty minutes to prevent him from speaking.  When YAF was told by administrators that the disruptors would not be removed from the auditorium, the chapter worked with YAF program officer, Amy Lutz, to creatively and quickly craft a plan to sneak attendees in groups of four to five into a neighboring auditorium. There, conservative ideas were allowed to flourish and the lecture continued uninterrupted.

Of course, great success doesn’t come without it’s challenges.  Beal explains “The biggest challenge was believing that I could host a big event. Once I made up my mind that we were going to pack the house, nothing held me back.  Of course the college was a pain, but there is no stopping someone as passionate as we are.”

Cañada College YAF did not back down in the face of protestors.  Instead of cancelling their lecture, they resiliently executed a plan to make sure conservative ideas were heard.  Because of Cañada College YAF activists, many students heard conservative ideas for the very first time.

Previously Cañada College YAF hosted Derryck Green to speak on race, and participated in Freedom Week. The chapter has been represented by it’s members at various Reagan Ranch programs, as well as the Dallas Freedom Conference.  Going forward they plan to host even more conservative speakers, and participate in various YAF initiatives like the the 9/11: Never Forget Project, No More Che Day, and Freedom Week.

Beal’s leadership as chairman is supported by recruitment officers Matthew Carlson and Nathan Carlson, club administrator Felix Olmedo, event officer Joshua Lyle, and director of policy JT Ohara.