The student government at a private university in Florida denied funding to host a proposed lecture event featuring rapper Zuby, according to email records obtained by Young America’s Foundation.

“Unfortunately, after doing some research on Zuby, the senate has decided not to fund this event,” Skylar Endres, a member of the Stetson University Student Government Association, wrote in an email to Luke Singleton, chairman of the university’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter.

When Singleton pushed the student government representative for more of an explanation, she told him, “After googling Zuby, we found transphobic comments and felt that it would be inappropriate to fund him coming here.”

Endres declined to identify any particular comments of concern.

The university is currently in the process of drafting a “harmful speech” policy that will target conservative beliefs and ideas, thus making it more difficult for conservative campus organizations to advocate for their positions and hear from guest speakers like Zuby.

During the event proposal hearing in front of the SGA, student government members warned the YAF chapter’s leadership that if the event were to be approved, Zuby would be pulled off stage the moment he partakes in “harmful speech,” including any form of criticism of the LGBTQ+ movement.

The British rapper is well known for his calm, rational, and respectful approach to the culture’s toughest subjects. Unfortunately, the students who oversee the distribution of hundreds of thousands of tuition dollars couldn’t care less. Instead, they have decided to villainize Zuby and reject the opportunity to hear from his unique perspective.

“We are disappointed by the decision made by SGA to not provide any funding to bring a conservative speaker to campus,” Singleton told YAF.

Neither Stetson administrators, nor SGA members responded to YAF’s request an explanation of the reasons behind the denial.

Though the tyrants-in-training of the student government have put a roadblock in place to prevent the free exchange of ideas from occurring on their campus, Luke and his fellow YAF chapter members are not to be deterred:

“We are optimistic that we will be able to find another way to host him,” he noted. “Zuby is an incredible speaker, especially on the topic of free speech, and we really want to bring him to campus.”

Zuby has agreed to speak at Stetson, regardless of leftists’ efforts to prevent him from coming. Young America’s Foundation has tentatively scheduled the lecture to take place on November 15, pending final approval from university administrators.