Ronald Reagan PosterYou can celebrate Ronald Reagan’s 100 birthday and educate your peers on his timeless principles this year. 

During Reagan 100, you can bring President Reagan’s vision to life through a broad array of initiatives, speakers, and programs offered by Young America’s Foundation. Together, our activism will counter Obama’s pernicious message of socialism and reach the vast number of students required to permanently reestablish freedom in our country.

Ronald Reagan is considered one of America’s greatest Presidents. During his term, he achieved many successes including rekindling the American spirit. His predecessor, Jimmy Carter, complained about an “American malaise” and blamed the people for it. Thankfully, Ronald Reagan’s enthusiasm and spirit helped usher in a new era of prosperity and optimism across the country.

Sadly, college and high school faculty and administrators rarely share an optimistic or uplifting view of Ronald Reagan. Furthermore, many assigned textbooks attack Ronald Reagan and his Presidency. One widely distributed text book, A History of the U.S., describes Reagan’s Presidency as “budget-busting, criminal-ridden, [and] trigger-happy.” A leading national guide for teachers calls Reagan “a cheerleader for selfishness.”

Even though Ronald Reagan is gone, you can honor his lasting accomplishments by organizing a series of activities to remind your peers about his achievements and our country’s greatness.

We will be announcing more ideas shortly, but college and high school students can order copies of the special Reagan 100 edition of our popular Ronald Reagan poster to distribute on campus and to pass on to friends. Furthermore, the first twenty students who sign up will receive a free copy of Citizen United’s movie, Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous with Destiny to screen on your campus.

Contact Patrick Coyle or call 800-USA-1776 to learn more or to sign up.


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