A Young Americans for Freedom activist was hacked by Chinese Communist Party sympathizers on social media after she exposed troubling facts about China’s ruthless regime.

Jessica Warner, chairman of the Western Washington University YAF chapter, found her Instagram profile hacked early Tuesday morning, with Chinese propaganda posted to her account and links to a CCP website being shared.

Warner was hacked and locked out of her account multiple times over the course of several hours, even after she made several attempts to change her password.

Several pieces of pro-CCP propaganda were posted to Warner’s Instagram page, including a post that stated “Without the Communist Party there would be no new China.”

Warner was able to trace the hackings to someone using Ubuntu, an open source software operating system often used for hacking, in Anchorage and Seattle.

It’s no coincidence that just a few days earlier, Warner had participated in YAF’s brand new activism project, #CCPNotForMe, which challenges students nationwide to post on social media highlighting facts about the atrocities China’s communist government has committed.

CCP sympathizers are scared of young, bold freedom activists taking a stand against their totalitarian regime. Americans nationwide are beginning to recognize the danger that China poses to the world, and that cozying up to communist ideals is antithetical to freedom’s principles. Join YAF in this brand new venture–upload a photo with a statistic about China, and post it with #CCPNotForMe.