Leftist students at Kennesaw State University are apparently not too happy that Michael Knowles is coming to campus.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter, hosting the Logan Family Lecture Series event on October 21, plastered campus with flyers titled “Men are Not Women and Other Uncomfortable Truths. Within minutes of the posters being hung, intolerant students tore down the posters, with a YAF chapter member catching the brazen leftist in the act.

“Yeah, transphobes can f*ck off,” the student proudly admitted, after being asked if he tore down the posters. “I’m not going to be tolerant of you being intolerant.”

On Wildfire, an app that alerts students of events or emergencies happening nearby, a thread was posted about Knowles’ lecture, where many voiced support for tearing down the flyers they labeled as “transphobic” and suggested protesting the event.


“It’s sad that the Left has controlled our campuses to the point where students would rather try to prevent people they disagree with from speaking than engage in a dialogue,” said KSU YAF chairman Jaime Hahn. “We wish these so called ‘champions of diversity’ were willing to appreciate diversity of thought.”

Hahn added that the chapter plans on filing vandalism charges with university police against both the student caught on video and the one who admitted online to vandalizing the posters.

This is another textbook example of coddled leftists shocked that there can be different viewpoints than the ones they hold. Students like these have been indoctrinated with one side’s arguments through their entire educational careers, and can’t fathom being tolerant of differing views. Michael Knowles will, for many, be the first conservative viewpoint students will hear during their education at Kennesaw State University- and that is why YAF’s mission is to ensure conservative ideas are spread and heard.