A Catholic university in Wisconsin held a social justice workshop to discuss how the kindness of Midwesterners upholds white supremacy, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

Viterbo University, a Catholic school in Wisconsin held a workshop called “Viewing and Discussion of ‘Racial Healing Across Segregated Places and ‘Midwest Nice Faces’’” to discuss how the “phenomenon” of “midwest nice” upholds systemic racism.

The workshop was held as a part of the school’s Franciscan Day of Service Learning and Social Justice which also included workshops titled “Privilege Painting” and “Social Justice: How to be a Good Ally.”

The university is also coordinating with a local organization to promote a “White Privilege Symposium.”

The purpose of the symposium is to “…discuss what white privilege is, how it is systematized in our culture, and how we can work together to eliminate race-based privilege and create more equitable, welcoming communities.”

Viterbo’s website also includes a list of “Antiracist Resources” which includes writings by Ibram X Kendi, former terrorist Angela Davis, and Black Lives Matter founder and self-proclaimed “trained Marxist,” Patrisse Khan-Cullors.

Viterbo University did not respond to YAF’s request for comment in time for publication.

Schools across the country are diving into Critical Race Theory headfirst, telling students there is an inherent privilege or lack thereof that comes with their color. In the case of Viterbo, they’ve fully embraced the ideals of Critical Race Theory and are attempting to force-feed the ideology to their students. Students have to remain vigilant and refuse to accept the false premises that their schools are operating on.