Catholic Saint Mary’s Embraces Post-Election Leftism
By Clare McKinney

Saint Mary’s College, an all women’s Catholic institution in Notre Dame, Indiana, promises students the mission of preparing women for the real world, but many students are wondering if the administration is holding true to that commitment or instead making extraordinary accommodations for leftists.

This November, the Saint Mary’s College Costume Shop Staff began offering safety pins for students to wear to show their solidarity for those who are “different.” Professors also cancelled classes on campus.

College President Jan Cervelli hosted a “brainstorming session” to help students navigate the complexities of a charged Thanksgiving break.

On Monday dozens of posters denigrating President-elect Trump were anonymously posted in an academic building on campus. A QR code included on the posters linked to a communist manifesto Tumblr blog.


Additionally, pro-life students have experienced vandalism in the wake of the election. Window displays for Respect Life Week with phrases such as “Respect life at every stage,” “ Pro-Life and Pro-Woman go hand in hand,” and even a Pope Francis quote, “The right to life is the first among human rights” were destroyed the morning of Nov. 10.

Cervelli released a statement in which she said, “I am so proud of our students for expressing what we are at Saint Mary’s, and that this is a place where we show respect for all — all opinions, all beliefs — and that we work together to make that environment. We learn from each other and that’s what’s going to heal our country. I could not be more proud.”

In response, the YAF chapter for Saint Mary’s and the University of Notre Dame told Young America’s Foundation, “The Saint Mary’s administration stands against hate and has vocalized their support towards leftist professors and students on campus, but do they also give their support to the students who stand with the President-elect and the American democratic system?”

The YAF chapter will not back down in the face of this blatant bias.