A professor at Saint Anselm College gave a student a zero on an assignment for using gendered language from the Book of Genesis.

The professor, Gilberto Ruiz, highlighted two instances of “exclusive” language. The first instance was the student stating, “Both of these readings share a picture of what the earth was like before God finished his creation and before God created man.” In the second instance, the student stated “God says to mankind ‘See I give you every seed-bearing plant on all the earth…’”

Ruiz notes next to his highlights: “Because this term is used to refer to the human species, this does not meet Spec 5. Instead, use terms like ‘humankind,’ ‘humanity,’ ‘human beings,’ ‘people,’ and so forth.”

The assignment was graded as all-or-nothing, so since the student was marked wrong for using “gendered” language, they received a zero as the grade.

The rubric for the assignment includes a requirement to “use inclusive language, unless exclusive language is used to reflect the biblical text’s perspective.” The professor notes that “gendered language for God” is permitted.

Young America’s Foundation independently confirmed the authenticity of the screenshots.

The student, who submitted the incident via YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line, wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution.

This professor docked a conservative student for following the biblical text–and using so-called “gendered” language. The terms “man” and “mankind” are frequently used throughout the Bible–and should not be censored out by SJW, virtue-signaling professors trying to rewrite things their way. This asinine behavior and grading criteria should not be tolerated–especially at a Catholic school.