Asiatu Lawoyin, who describes herself as a “multiply-marginalized, black, queer, agender, autigender, neurodivergent life coach and educator,” advocated for “reparations in the sense of [the] restructuring of society as a whole in every fucking aspect” during a Monday evening Zoom lecture for students at Wheaton College in Massachusetts. The lecture was hosted by the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership, and the university’s disabled students organization.

“Do I believe in reparations? Absolutely. Do I believe that reparations is really gonna help anything as far as if it’s just financial with under capitalism? Absolutely not,” Lawoyin told her audience of about 20 students. “Capitalism has to fall. Giving money to me, under capitalism, is kind of paradoxical,” she continued.

She then went on to argue against capitalism, explaining that she doesn’t think she should have to pay for her basic necessities since she never elected to be born. “I have to pay to be alive? When I didn’t choose to be alive in the first place? Like what? There is no choice. You can’t opt in to living, you just here.”

Instead of receiving monetary reparations, Lawoyin advocated for a complete societal overhaul. “Just everything of abolishing police. I mean, that would be a good start, considering the fact that the police were only created to catch slaves or enslave people,” Lawoyin argued. “When people say, you know, defund, as in defund and abolish, as in take all of the money that you giving to police and give it back to communities. For me, and for most black people, to call the police, there’s always a risk that we will die. So yeah, fuck the police.” Students nodded in agreement.

It is unclear how much Wheaton College paid Lawoyin for her appearance, though she did pressure her audience to send her some more money as a tip. “If you consume content from black educators on social media, make sure that you pay us. Otherwise, you’re being explicit in our exploitation,” she added at the end of her presentation while displaying her Venmo and Cash App usernames.

Throughout the past three years, Wheaton College has not hosted a single conservative speaker, according to a review by the New Guard. The school has, however, hosted dozens of speakers like Laowyin who advocate for leftist nonsense. Given that only around 20 students attended the lecture, it seems that the Left’s narrative isn’t resonating with many. This college certainly needs to do a better job at presenting balanced viewpoints.