For their perseverance and desire to boldly promote conservatism on their campus, Canyon High School Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) has been named Chapter of the Month for May.

After weeks of emails and meetings with her school’s administration, Chairman of Canyon High School Young Americans for Freedom Morgan Moya and her fellow members pulled off a tremendously successful campus lecture event. When remembering her negotiations with her school’s administration, Morgan remarked, “I don’t think they initially believed we could pull an event of this magnitude off.” Morgan and Canyon YAF packed the high school auditorium with more than 300 students and parents to hear Dinesh D’Souza speak about American exceptionalism and the American dream.

“The best reward, by far, was going to school afterward and just hearing the buzz of what had happened.” After attending the October 2016 Reagan Ranch High School Conference hosted by Young America’s Foundation, Morgan along with six other chapter officers were fired up and driven to share what they learned.  During a layover on their way back home, the seven YAFers sat down to plan out their next semester. Their goal: to share conservative ideas and bring intellectual diversity to their school.

By every measure, Canyon High School YAF was successful in stimulating a new conversation on campus. Chairman Morgan Moya, assisted by Vice-Chair Jaxon Sanders, Secretary Kylee Ahlstedt, Treasurer Carter Anderson, Recruitment Director Dakota Sall, Social Officer Molly Hill, and Publicity Director Jackson Miller held a wildly popular event. Students continue to talk about D’Souza’s remarks weeks after it occurred. Teachers and students approached YAF members in the halls to congratulate them on their success. Even liberal students thanked them for hosting the event and sharing their views.

Canyon High School YAF made use of every marketing tool they had. They wallpapered halls with rounds of fliers, broadcasted reminders of their event on the morning announcements, and submitted ads in their student announcements. However, the most effective promotion, Morgan noted, was having face-to-face conversations with fellow students.

Canyon High School YAF proved that bold campus activism has huge impacts, even at the high school level. For this reason, we congratulate Canyon High School YAF on being selected as May’s Chapter of the Month.