By: Kate Westa

The tolerant Left strikes again, this time they’re targeting…drumroll…Trump supporters! Outrage ensued at the University of Michigan when Stephen Ross, real estate developer and philanthropist, came under fire for his political contributions last week. “News” broke that Ross, who has given over $378 million to the University of Michigan alone, hosted a private fundraiser for President Trump’s reelection campaign.

Because of this unspeakable act, a petition is floating around student and alumni circles to take his name off the buildings and deny any future contributions. In this petition, anyone’s support of Trump is considered “commitment to white supremacy, xenophobia, corruption, and clinical ignorance.”

They go on to “implore that Stephen Ross disavow his support for Trump.” To conclude this petition, the University’s mission statement is cited as developing “leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future.” Apparently, Ross’ unprecedented contributions to improve the university and multiple organizations to improve race relations in sports, research juvenile diabetes, and create sustainable urban development are not enough. According to the Left, his ideological beliefs which half of the country share, completely undermine his desire to give back and make the world a better place.

The petitioners are concerned about his association with the university and the impact it may have on “student recruitment, morale, and long-term reputation.” This assumption only highlights their delusion that everyone thinks poorly of Trump and that prospective students think just like them. This entire “controversy” paints a picture of the Left’s takeover on campuses and their self-righteousness in alienating everyone who dares to disagree. They say the university deserves better than Ross, but our country deserves better than this intolerance.

Unfortunately, this trend of leftist intolerance does not end here.

We saw this recently with airports banning Chick-Fil-A for its owner’s traditional values and the boycotting of Coachella because its owner donates to Christian non-profits. It is the prerogative of private entities and consumers to decide whether or not to patronize these places; the explicit smears against those who hold conservative views, however, is concerning.

This petition and pattern of cancel culture only increases divisiveness on campus and in our country. It is lazy and short-sighted to assign poor intentions to an individual who simply thinks differently than you, especially when attacking someone who has given bulk sums to improve education and local communities. People are not evil because they think differently than you. It’s time to grow up.

Kate Westa is a member of the University of Michigan Young Americans for Freedom chapter, and a William & Berniece Grewcock Intern Scholar this summer at Young America’s Foundation.