GPN Berlin Wall100 high school and college campuses took part in Freedom Week 2011.

Conservative clubs and Young Americans for Freedom chapters across the country tore down Berlin Walls, warned their classmates about runaway government spending, and honored America’s military.

Conservatives at Providence College hosted Yan Bielek who escaped then communist-controlled Czechoslavakia. According to an article in the campus newspaper, Bielek was told as a child that the communist government supposedly supported individual freedoms, but soon came to learn that was a lie, “Bielek says that there was only freedom of speech, ‘if you spoke in favor of Socialism’ and no religion was allowed at all. The pay was on average $75 per month for workers, which would not change for the rest of a person’s life. This left many citizens without proper funding for retirement, including Beliek’s own grandparents, who needed to be funded by his father.

Conservatives at Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UCLA, and Grosse Point North High School YAF Chapter among others tore down a mock Berlin Wall on November 9, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

 Florida Atlantic Berlin Wall  FSU Berlin Wall  GPN Finished Berlin Wall

Florida Atlantic University

Florida State University

Grosse Pointe North High School

The University of Washington YAF chapter placed 3,500 flags in the campus quad to symbolize the 350,000 troops stationed around the world protecting our freedoms.Devon Ciby who is chair of the YAF Chapter at Bellarmine College Preparatory held a Freedom Rally which included close to 300 students and faculty.

 UW-YAF Freedom Week I Love Capitalism Freedom Week   Freedom Rally

University of Washington

Bellarmine College Prep

Bellarmine College Prep

Sarah Telle with Marshall County High School YAF encouraged her classmates to write thank you letters to soldiers. Quoted in her local paper, Sarah said, “We really wanted to do something for the soldiers here at the holidays. They don’t get to come home and spend time with their families like we do and we just wanted them to know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they are making for us.”

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