By Caitlyn McCoy

The Left’s stronghold on academia isn’t limited to the United States. “Across the pond”, in an attempt to be inclusive of “non-binary” people, Cambridge University recently overhauled its German language curriculum to eliminate all gendered terminology, according to a Times report.

For thousands of years, the German language has always featured masculine and feminine conjugations. That is, until very recently, when activist administrators in England decided that this “antiquated” way of speaking should be changed in order to cater to a handful of woke people.

“In our lessons and handouts we aim to use gender- and non-binary-inclusive language when we address or refer to students and colleagues, both in writing and in speech in English and in German,” a notice on the department’s website states.

The introductory-level course costs students more than £9,000, equivalent to nearly $10,400 U.S. dollars.

The German Language Association’s Oliver Baer told the Times that individuals who speak this woke version of German will make complete fools of themselves when interacting with native speakers. 

“Changing language is totally useless, and it won’t work,” he said. “Fortunately we have no German word for ‘woke,’ so we borrow it from the English language,” he added.

This situation is very similar to the American Left’s ongoing attempts to hijack the Spanish language from Hispanic Americans by modifying their words, with neither demand nor consent.

Hopefully, normal and sane people will reject the proposal that these languages, which have been around for thousands of years, should be fundamentally altered in such a nonsensical fashion.