Proving again that the anti-fascist crowd is (ironically) quite fascist, several “Refuse Fascism” groups in California have announced plans to oppose an upcoming Young America’s Foundation lecture featuring Kristan Hawkins on April 10. The radical leftists who oppose the event, hosted by the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at California State University—Los Angeles, are calling for sympathizers to “Drive the fascists off campus.”

The Facebook event created for the protest is titled “CalSt NO! Kristan Hawkins! Resist the Fascist Anti-Woman Agenda!” and features an unhinged rant against conservatives, the pro-life movement, and the Trump administration. The groups call Hawkins a “fanatical anti-women, Christian-Fascist” who they claim is speaking on campus “to spew her misogynistic, anti-women poison” and working with President Trump and Vice President Pence “preparing the ground for a real-life “Handmaid’s tale [sic]” with women completely enslaved and subordinated to a patriarchal order.”

To leftists who’ve increasingly lost touch with reality, standing for the most basic right to life is akin to misogyny. Never mind the fact that abortion disproportionately takes the lives of women and minorities, the “Refuse Fascism” crowd clearly would be more aptly named “Refuse Facts.”

“So-called ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ is still a driving force behind ridiculous protests that seek to silence conservatives and preserve an ideological echo chamber on many campuses,” noted Young America’s Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown. “No doubt the leftists at California State University—Los Angeles are desperate to stop the influx of freedom and conservative ideas brought by the YAF chapter, but Cal State LA YAF hasn’t backed down before, and they won’t be backing down now.”

This is hardly the first time the Cal State LA Young Americans for Freedom have been threatened with disruptions, violence, or censorship in their attempts to advance conservative ideas on their campus.

Their first YAF lecture with Ben Shapiro saw near-riots as radical leftists barred the doors of the venue and pulled the fire alarm. Students wishing to hear Shapiro’s speech had to be snuck in, two at a time, through a back entrance.

Many of their subsequent events have also been targeted by protestors, but their success in overcoming leftist opposition speaks for itself: Cal State LA YAF has hosted Rick Santorum, Rachel Campos Duffy, Star Parker, and Christina Hoff Sommers since their first event was targeted.

Here’s a lesson the leftists at CSULA should have learned by now: YAF doesn’t back down.