In a shameful attempt to prevent ideological diversity from thriving on their campus, leftist students at Boston University have created a petition to ban Ben Shapiro from speaking.

The petition, titled “Racist Hatemonger Ben Shapiro Not Welcome at Boston University!” is targeting an upcoming lecture by Ben Shapiro that is being organized by the BU Young Americans for Freedom Chapter, in conjunction with Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series.

It absurdly labels Shapiro as a “racist,” “misogynist,” “war crime apologist,” and “Islamophobe,” while claiming that the university is “unquestionably providing Shapiro with a platform to spew hate-speech as well as incite violence and discrimination against marginalized sections of [the] BU community.”

The petition was created on and cosponsored by several student organizations, including the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism; BU Students for Justice in Palestine; BU Young Democratic Socialists; BU Students for Reproductive Freedom; BU FemCo; BU Students Against Imperialism; and BU College Democrats. It currently has over 1,000 signatures.

The intolerant leftists who signed the petition demonstrate the frailty of their own ideas.  Overcome with hysterics, they listed their objections:

“I’m signing because I want to feel safe on my own campus, and I want others to feel safe as well. Allowing Ben Shapiro on Boston University’s campus would put many marginalized communities at a great risk, and I would hope that BU cares about its student body enough to protect us.” -Sophia Walton

“Hate speech should not be free speech.” -Ashley Welch

“Ben Shapiro is a far-right propagandist who has inspired mass shooters. He is a misogynist, racist, homophobe and more who should not be given a platform. Supporting him is not free speech – it’s hate speech. It’s lies. And I thought BU was better than this.” -Eli Brenna

“This event poses a danger to BU’s queer and trans community and the dean of students office taking strides to help support it reflects broader cultural problems failed to be addressed institutionally. Shame on everyone involved with the execution of this event.” -Brian Stanley 

The university itself has put up roadblocks in an attempt to limit the scope of Shapiro’s lecture, including cutting the potential audience size in half due to “security concerns.”

As we’ve seen on campuses across the country, college students have been subjected to such indoctrination and coddling that they simply cannot handle a viewpoint different from their own, and claim that anything they disagree with is racist, homophobic, or hateful.