In a dramatic scene at the University of Buffalo, a leftist mob forced Allen West to be escorted out by police from his campus lecture––as nearly 200 gathered outside the venue chanting and eventually chasing conservative students.  

According to footage obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation, Allen West was escorted out by several police officers into a squad car to his hotel, facing screaming leftists who attempted to disrupt their event featuring YAF speaker Lt. Col. Allen West. The event was part of YAF’s Preserving American Liberty and Freedom Lecture Series.

Leftists even attempted to break down the doors to the reception following the event.

The wild scene comes on the heels of leftist pushback to Allen West’s lecture, titled “America Is Not Racist.” Protestors took part in a walkout during the school day on Thursday, as other leftists planned to infiltrate and disrupt the event.  

The speech went on peacefully, but leftists attempted to take charge of the Q&A session––which is when the situation is devolved. It became a tug-of-war with the microphone, as vitriolic leftists attempted to hijack the conversation and flung insults at West. 

Therese Purcell, who was chased by the mob into the men’s bathroom, shared her thoughts with YAF. “I am unbelievably disturbed that I was chased by a leftist mob and scared for my life on my college campus all for hosting Lt. Col. Allen West, a conservative speaker. I was aggressively chased by about 200 angry protesters and had to hide in a mens bathroom from screaming leftists who were searching for me. The assault on free speech at University at Buffalo by an angry mob is incredibly unacceptable. ”

YAF Program Officer for Campus Advancement Gianna Milaro, who was on-site during the event, said the scene was “pandemonium.”

“At many times throughout the night, I was legitimately worried about West’s and the students’ physical safety due to the angry mob berating and banging on the doors,” she told YAF.

It’s not immediately clear why UB did not have more officers stationed at the event to ensure student safety. This despicable attack on conservative students prove exactly why YAF’s campus lectures are needed––to pop the liberal bubble and expose the hideous reality of the intolerant Left. YAF will update this story as it develops.