By: Illiana Lievanos

The student government at Boston University is calling for more “safety” after the Young Americans for Freedom chapter hosted Michael Knowles on campus, according to a tip submitted through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline.

According to an article by BU’s student newspaper, SGA demanded the university “improve the safety of its LGBTQ+ community on campus.”

SGA senators Savannah Majarwitz and Alex Brumfield introduced a resolution in which they ridiculously described Michael Knowles as “a speaker who is openly transphobic and actively seeks to erode and endanger the LGBTQ+ community.” Nowhere in the resolution did Majarwitz and Brumfield take the liberty of explaining exactly how Michael Knowles is “transphobic” and endangers the LGBTQ+ community.

“The safety of a lot of trans students was actually at risk because of this event,” Majarwitz complained.

The student government released a statement after the resolution claiming they support free speech, but that “there is a line between free speech and hate speech that must be drawn.”

Majarwitz and Brumfield did not respond to YAF’s request for comment on the resolution and how Michael Knowles has endangered the trans and LGBTQ community.

“We most certainly expected backlash for having the event especially given the topic,” said Boston University YAF Chairman Rishi Anand. “I will always say that the purpose for having these events in such a liberal environment is to allow dialogue to open up between conservative students and others on campus. This is the only way people can feel comfortable enough to express their political beliefs without fear of backlash like what we are seeing now with the Knowles event.”

There is a common pattern within universities that whine every time a conservative speaker is hosted on campus. Michael Knowles spoke about free speech and how the Left continually erodes it when it comes to ideas they disagree with. Much to the Left’s dismay, conservative voices will not be deterred by whatever silly“resolutions” are written.