Leftists at Boston University have hosted a slew of “demonstrations” to urge their school to de-platform Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro ahead of his planned Young America’s Foundation lecture, part of the Fred Allen Lecture Series. But apparently the idea of banning Ben Shapiro from campus is not a popular one, as the attendance at the events were laughable, with only around 12 students showing up.

The first “rally,” hosted on October 16th, was titled “Rally Against Hate Speech at BU.” The stated purpose of the rally was to tell the university they want Ben Shapiro uninvited from the school.

The second rally, held on October 19th, featured a low-energy crowd of around 10 people holding signs on the side of a busy road, with one protestor seemingly attempting to speak into a broken megaphone.

The group organizing the protests, called “No Hate BU,” has a sit-in scheduled for October 28th.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at BU has invited Shapiro to speak in November as part of Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series. The school has put up several roadblocks, including initially levying nearly $13,000 in security fees which they eventually agreed to pay for.

Instead of participating in a dialogue with the YAF chapter members or Shapiro himself, these leftists would rather protest and be shielded from any potentially diverse viewpoints. It’s the sad state of affairs in higher education, and is exactly why Young America’s Foundation fights to bring conservative ideas to burst these liberal bubbles.