Administrators at Boston College are dragging their feet in response to an anticipated lecture featuring the Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan on November 5 through YAF’s Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series.

The school has been in possession of the contract for Klavan’s lecture since September 30, with no progress being made on getting the contract signed for the event scheduled for next week. Without a contract, the student group cannot reserve a room for the lecture, and cannot begin advertising for the event.

Even more ridiculously, the school appears to be haphazardly applying a restriction on allowing the public to attend the Klavan lecture. While BC administrators told the conservative students their event was restricted to solely students and faculty of the college, the school’s Lowell Humanities Series, which hosts writers, scholars, and artists, allows the public to attend all speaking events.

Of course, you can imagine the ideological leaning of the speakers invited to the school through this series. To name just a few: Bryan Stevenson, founder of the “Equal Justice Initiative,” Kwame Anthony Appiah, a scholar of cosmopolitanism, and Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who spoke on “climate justice.”


Boston College is unfairly targeting the conservative group with their double standards. While not only delaying signing the contract for over a month, the university is attempting to limit the reach of conservative ideas by preventing the public from attending the lecture. These things alone may not raise suspicion of liberal bias, but coupled together, raise many red flags. What is the school so afraid of?

Boston College is signaling that conservative views must be limited–perhaps they are afraid that those who have been indoctrinated with liberal talking points for years may be inspired by daring conservative ideas.