Black Conservatives of CSULA YAF Smeared As ‘Coons,’ Chapter Members Called ‘F***ing Retarded’

Thursday morning a Facebook user named Liana Wilson posted on the event page for CSULA YAF’s upcoming lecture with Star Parker to smear members of the chapter as “coons.”

Later that same day, a CSULA YAF member caught two leftists on camera tearing down posters for the event, replying, “Y’all f***ing retarded” when asked why they were vandalizing YAF property.

Wilson’s post on the event page read, “For all you bigots, especially POC sellouts and coons of YAF,” and linked to a picture of a tweet saying, “welcome to america the country that is run by straight cis white males that believe abortion is cold murder but killing black people is not.”



CSULA YAF, the chapter responsible for hosting widely-covered events with Ben Shapiro and Christina Hoff Sommers, is primarily composed of minority students. Their upcoming lecture by Star Parker is titled, “Abortion: Planed Parenthood’s War Against the Poor.”

These attacks are disgusting and would be met with uproar had they been carried out by conservatives. 

CSULA YAF’s bold minority members are regularly smeared as racists and bigots for promoting conservative ideas, receiving no support from university officials who claim so adamantly to support diversity and inclusion.


In the wake of an individual levying this vicious racial slur at members of CSULA’s student body, simply because of their conservative worldview, how will the school react?

Leftists who tore down CSULA YAF’s posters advertising the lecture this week also replaced them with flyers promoting abortion, including a quote from radical feminist bell hooks along with contact information for Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.


Fortunately, CSULA YAF will not be intimidated or silenced by the Left’s desperate attempts to censor it. But when will the university stand up for its conservative students? When will CSULA actually promote true diversity and inclusion by enforcing its own rules, not turning a blind eye because leftists are breaking them?

Reminder, YAF, Ben Shapiro and CSULA YAF Chairman Mark Kahanding are currently suing CSULA officials over their treatment of Shapiro’s lecture on campus last spring. Young America’s Foundation will do everything in its power to ensure the university respects the rights of its conservative students.