There’s more to the story than what Berkeley laid out in the self-serving and inventive narrative employed by the school in response to Young America’s Foundation’s letter dated April 20.

When conservative students at Berkeley decided to host Ann Coulter through Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program, the school had plenty of notice. But instead of moving forward with event logistics for Coulter’s lecture, Berkeley’s administration chose to play a shell game with conservative students, only to ultimately cancel the event in the eleventh hour and hide behind a heckler’s veto.

As the letter below clarifies, there are multiple venues at Berkeley that would suffice to host Ms. Coulter on April 27. It’s unfathomable that the University has arbitrarily applied restrictions and treated conservatives as second-class members of their community with a selectively-applied curfew.

We’ve encouraged Berkeley to communicate with Young America’s Foundation or its attorney to work out a time for Ms. Coulter to speak on April 27, yet Berkley has unfortunately exhibited an unwillingness to work with conservatives, protect the First Amendment on campus, or simply have an open dialogue. In its insistence to continue violating students’ rights, Berkeley has forced our hand.

Berkeley, we’ll see you in court.

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