Photo Credit: Jim Feliciano

In a desperate attempt to justify its unconstitutional suppression of free speech, attorneys representing UC-Berkeley sent a bizarre email to attorneys representing Young America’s Foundation.

Seeming to forget all the viewpoint-discriminatory restrictions it has placed on conservative students and their events, Berkeley claimed that it “absolutely does not intend to prevent Ms. Coulter from coming to campus” and that “there will be a very robust police presence…to attempt to maintain safety.”

Harmeet Dhillon responded on behalf of Young America’s Foundation, slamming the University’s erratic and always-changing story as to why conservatives aren’t given the same opportunities as liberal at Berkeley.

“I find the University’s position insincere, hypocritical, and wholly at odds with the University’s repeated public statements this week, which bemoan the University’s purported inability to secure safety at a Thursday speech by Ms. Coulter, in light of outside extremist groups which oppose Ms. Coulter’s views.”

Dhillon’s response continued, setting the record straight on UC-Berkeley’s creative and factually-challenged narrative about the intolerant atmosphere on campus:

“It should be noted that recent campus violence has been exclusively on one-side, not from “extreme ends of the political spectrum”–but rather exclusively from agitators seeking to suppress conservative viewpoints by any means necessary.

“Suffice it to say, the University’s messaging is replete with internal contradictions and dishonest representations to its students, our clients, and the public,” notes Dhillon. “Despite our client’s repeated requests over the last six weeks that the University provide a securable venue for the Coulter speech … the University has refused to secure a venue for the event–offering instead only media-ready platitudes and obfuscation, which are not substitute for compliance with the First Amendment.”

“The University’s transparent attempts to persuade the court of public opinion that UC Berkeley stands by free speech principles and its obligations to protect its students, while hiding behind the violence imposed on those same students by extremist anti-free speech groups as an excuse to prohibit such free speech, is not lost on our clients, and will be fully vetted and aired in the court of law. The Constitution demands no less.”

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