The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Boston University found their Ben Shapiro poster vandalized on Thursday afternoon, less than a week after the display was hung.

The poster, which was advertising Shapiro’s upcoming November 13 lecture at the school through YAF’s exclusive Fred Allen Lecture Series, was defaced with a Hitler mustache and the word “fascist.”

The leftists at Boston University are so terrified of hearing a different perspective, that they resort to defacing posters and holding protests to try and cancel the lecture.

Diana Soriano, the chairman of the BU YAF chapter, expressed her frustration with her intolerant peers. “It’s disappointing because we put a lot of extra money in to have the poster encased in glass to hedge against this exact problem,” Soriano said. “And it goes without saying that it is extremely hateful to put Hitler symbolism on the face of an Orthodox Jew.”

Tickets for the lecture go on sale to the general public Friday at noon. They can be reserved here.

YAF is the home of Ben Shapiro’s exclusive fall campus lecture tour through the Fred Allen Lecture Series. Our unparalleled campus lecture program has brought Ben Shapiro to more than fifty college campuses across the nation, ensuring conservative ideas can be heard by the next generation.

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