Bay Buchanan Defends Unborn at College of the Ozarks Lecture
By Loyal Carpenter

On Thursday January 26, Bay Buchanan rocked an auditorium of 800 College of the Ozarks students. In vintage Bay style, she challenged students to find an issue they are passionate about and to “Stand tall and be bold and outspoken leaders.” She was met with roaring applause from the audience following her comment that she was a “proud champion for the unborn.”

College of the Ozarks is a small Christian and conservative college where nearly all students share similar conservative views. It took a speaker like Bay to come in, energize and combat the apathy that is rampant on this campus. The YAF Chapter was grateful to partner with the College of the Ozarks and Young Americas Foundation to be able to bring Bay as one of the weekly convocation speakers for students to hear.

Her pro-life message came at an opportune time to spark a cross campus conversation about abortion. With the March for Life happening last Friday and the outrageous claims and failures of the post-inagural women’s march, her speech fell in the perfect window to bring in her message that she “hasn’t been given any authority as to who lives and who dies.” Her message resonated loud with hundreds of students, many of whom stayed for an hour and a half after the event to speak with her personally about questions they had.

This event energized and changed the culture of this campus from one of apathy, to one of passion and commitment. YAF is making a difference.