Last month, administrators at Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution, refused to open Dinesh D’Souza’s YAF-sponsored lecture to the public because his message contradicted their “social justice” mission.

Because of policies like these, social justice warriors are spreading like wildfire on college campuses. But there’s some bad news for SJWs too– we’re giving you a new resource to counteract their nonsense.

From April 8-9, YAF is hosting a retreat specifically tailored to students on Catholic campuses where teachings about “social justice” are simply used as a way to promote liberal beliefs.
Young people are being deceived into believing that being a faithful Catholic means adopting the Left’s ideology. This retreat will help students at Catholic schools by:

1. Providing the conservative response to the Left’s agenda on “social justice” and traditional values.

2. Providing guidance on how to discuss these important topics in a politically correct environment.

3. Helping students learn how to better advance the Right to Life on campus and inspire activism on other conservative issues.

Students at Catholic schools have unique opportunities and challenges. This retreat will teach students how to make the most of these opportunities, as well as how to respond effectively to these challenges, to advance conservative ideas. Student will emerge as stronger leaders and better-informed advocates for faith and freedom.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with a roster of high-profile speakers including Nick Hahn, Austin Ruse, Cathy Ruse, Robert A. Sirico, Leila Miller, Kristan Hawkins, Ron Robinson, Dr. Paul Kengor and more!

As Nick Hahn, a YAF alumnus, wrote in his latest column for the Wall Street Journal, “In recent years many faith-based schools have wrestled with questions about the religious and secular mix in their missions—and labor bureaucrats have noticed. Some schools have seemed to neglect their identity when hiring professors. ‘I’m not Catholic,’ Alyson Paige Warren, a Loyola adjunct professor, told America Magazine in January, ‘and I don’t teach Jesuit spirituality.'”

Sound like a familiar theme at your school? Sign up HERE to attend the seminar today! Travel scholarships are available.