YAFers at the NCSC

Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, California) has blocked
students from forming a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter,
which is a project of Young America’s Foundation. Administrators
said they are banning the group because they disagree with
principles stated on YAF’s national website (www.yaf.org).

Ashley Blackwell, the would-be chair of the
chapter, is currently the chair of a generic conservative club at
APU and wants to formally affiliate with YAF. Ashley and other key
members of her club have attended a number of Foundation
conferences both in Washington, D.C., and at the Reagan Ranch,
which Young America’s Foundation has owned and preserved since

In a conversation with Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle,
Chuck Strawn, executive director of
“communiversity” at Azusa said that he and other administrators
disagree with language used on the Foundation’s website, and
therefore Blackwell and her fellow students couldn’t be affiliated
with YAF.  Strawn admitted that their decision was based on
his and other’s opinions and not on the school’s written

Strawn told Blackwell and YAF that he was particularly bothered
by the following language on Young America’s Foundation’s

Are you tired of liberal ideas dominating your campus? Are
you tired of liberal and Marxist professors indoctrinating your
classmates? Do you want to advance conservatism? 

If you answered yes, then you should start a Young Americans
for Freedom chapter. YAF chapters make a difference by boldly
advancing freedom and conservatism.  Radical feminists, big
government bureaucrats, fringe environmentalists, race-baiters,
Islamo-fascists, and run of the mill leftists are distraught that
you would even think about promoting conservative ideas.

Ashley Blackwell noted, “It is really disappointing that a
school, which promotes diversity and uses the mantra ‘everyone
matters,’ would ban an existing club from changing its name. It is
even more frustrating that this censorship isn’t even due to school
rules or policy.  It is the result of a few administrators’
personal opinions.  They just don’t agree with language on
YAF’s website about college’s having liberal professors. I guess
the truth hurts.”

Patrick Coyle, vice president of Young
America’s Foundation and executive director of YAF, said,
“Conservative students are treated like second-class citizens on
liberal campuses like Azusa Pacific University. These campuses love
“diversity” and “inclusion”-except when it comes to conservative
ideas and values. Proposed campus groups should be beholden to the
same standards and rules not the intolerant opinions and whims of a
few administrators. YAF will keep pressuring APU until this unfair
decision is overturned.”

UPDATE: Breitbart.com has posted on this story and Fox News has also picked up on APU’s efforts to keep YAF off campus.


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