Just a week after one of our largest conferences yet, more than 200 participants came to Santa Barbara, CA, to learn from some of the Conservative Movement’s top scholars, activists, and policymakers at Young America’s Foundation’s August Reagan Ranch High School Conference. High school students from across the country joined their motivated peers and walked in President Ronald Reagan’s footsteps at the Reagan Ranch.

In addition to the hundreds of in-person participants, thousands of virtual attendees participated in the conference online! Through YAF Virtual Pass people from all across the world attended this only-at-YAF event right from their home and learned the lessons that their universities and the mainstream media won’t teach. You can join the thousands of people that participated online and replay the entire conference by clicking here.

The opening banquet featured co-founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager, who emphasized the dire situation that conservatives face on college campuses every day. Prager expressed that despite the best efforts of the Left, the United States is still great because of “the American trinity: liberty, in God we trust, and ‘e pluribus unum.’”

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch urged young conservatives to always remember that religious freedom and free speech are core tenets of American society—these are the important principles we must preserve on campuses being corrupted by the Left.

“You have one invincible weapon on your side, and that is the truth,” said Spencer.

Some of the Conservative Movement’s brightest educators, including Dr. Larry Schweikart and Dr. Jake Jacobs, exposed the lies and fraudulent history that students hear in schools today.

Andrew Klavan, Brian Brenberg, Bay Buchanan, Dr. Derryck Green, Rep. Matt Manweller, Jared Meyer, and Spencer Brown provided students with revealing truths and hard-hitting activism lessons, preparing them to be stronger advocates for conservative principles!

As the summer wraps up, students are already preparing for a semester full of activism and events on their campuses! Take a look at a full list of events already scheduled for the fall, including Ben Shapiro’s tour stops, the 9/11: Never Forget Project, and campus lectures featuring Michael Knowles and Dr. Art Laffer.

“The Left saves, conservatives empower. Don’t save people. Empower them,” said Dr. Derryck Green at the August Reagan Ranch High School Conference.

YAF continues to enlighten, engage, and empower young conservatives across the nation through our one-of-a-kind programs!

After a record-breaking summer, students are returning to their campuses energized and ready to take their activism to the next level!