A YAF activist and founder of a Young Americans for Freedom chapter found himself in hot water with the Auburn student government when they discovered his conservative tweets.

On July 12, Stephen Morris, a political science student at Auburn University, became cancel culture’s latest victim. He was denied the opportunity to serve as chief justice in his student government on the basis of his conservative tweets, with one student senator claiming he was “unfit to serve,” according to The Auburn Plainsmen. The entire slate of candidates was struck down along with him, because of his presence on it.

The tweets in question included Morris’ opinions on the ongoing Black Lives Matter riots, poverty, gender, and free speech.

The student government meeting was recorded and is available to watch on YouTube.

One student named Dionne expressed distaste for Morris’ opinions, adding that “going through their Twitter just stresses me out. And I don’t think I’m the only one that doesn’t want to see them in that position.”

Two student senators did warn the rest of their colleagues of the possible ramifications of judging qualification based on political views, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

During the hearing, Morris said “I will never, ever insert my personal opinions or beliefs into decisions,” but that was not enough for the student senate, who denied him the opportunity to serve in the role.

“It is unacceptable that the Student Senate decided that students who have the courage to share views contrary to woke ideology are unfit to serve as leaders of Auburn University,” Morris told Young America’s Foundation.

“Freedom of speech is the lifeblood of democracy, yet Auburn’s SGA seems determined to stifle words of dissent rather than allow robust debate to flourish on our campus,” he added.

He concluded by warning “That this brazen act of discrimination against conservative thought and Christian values occurred in one of the most conservative states in America should sound the alarm about the pervasiveness of wokeness in our universities.” 

Morris’ involvement at the school includes serving as chairman of the Young American’s for Freedom chapter, vice president of Auburn’s chapter of Best Buddies, an ambassador for the Alliance Defending Freedom, and was head counselor for Auburn’s Week of Service this year, reports Just The News.

Morris told Just The News that he would face a second confirmation hearing on September 7, and would hold off on any legal action until then.

Morris’ beliefs are widely held by many Americans, and they do not disqualify him from serving as chief justice at Auburn University. What we’ve feared has unfortunately came to fruition and schools in even the most conservative states have fallen victim to woke culture. Leftists are determined to stop anyone with conflicting views from holding any position of power, by throwing accusations of racism, sexism and every other ‘ism’ you can think of at them. What’s happening on the college campuses today is what happens in the country 10 years from now, that’s why we must take these situations seriously.

Update: Stephen Morris was confirmed as an Auburn student government Associate Justice on September 7 by a vote of 29-4.