DePaul University’s decision to threaten Ben Shapiro with arrest for attempting to attend a YAF lecture by Christina Hoff Sommers on campus Tuesday night made headlines across the country this week.

But it wasn’t just difficult for Ben to attend the lecture– it was difficult for everyone, even DePaul’s own students.

In order to simply attend Dr. Sommers’ lecture, students had to

  1. Be pre-approved by the university
  2. Check in upon arrival
  3. Wear wristbands
  4. Go through metal detectors
  5. Sign a waiver

Additionally, nearly 30 security guards presided over the event.

Furthermore, the procedures listed above are only enforced on DePaul YAF and the DePaul College Republicans.

These are the obstacles administrators created for students just in order to hear conservative ideas at DePaul. That standard is unacceptable.

Even the Chicago Tribune sided with the students of DePaul YAF.

Thankfully Shapiro and Sommers worked with Young America’s Foundation and DePaul to secure an offsite venue where students had the opportunity to hear their message.

Young America’s Foundation and DePaul Young Americans for Freedom were the sole sponsors and organizers of this event.