By Anthony Camargo

Last month, it was reported that philanthropist Louis Appignani donated $2.2 million to establish a chair “for the study of atheism, humanism and secular ethics” at the University of Miami. Appignani has stated in interviews that “religion is a cancer and is the fundamental problem ruining this country.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also claimed in a speech  that “Ronald Reagan was the start of the downfall of our country.”

For a man who supposedly loves science, statistics, and facts, he certainly loves to ignore them when they don’t fit his agenda.

Simply comparing the Reagan Recovery with the Obama Recovery, we can see clearly which leader had the better economic plan. Focusing on GDP alone, President Reagan blows President Obama out of the water. According to Forbes the GDP grew an amazing 32% over the course of the Reagan administration. This lead to unprecedented economic growth and job creation.

President Obama’s economic policies have caused a GDP growth of only 15% over the span of nearly 8 years. Not only is this not even in the ballpark of President Reagan’s achievements, but Presiednt Obama hasn’t even achieved the average GDP growth of former presidents as seen below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.38.36 PM

Who is really harming this country?

Ronald Reagan saved America by making decisions that were guided by his conservative principles, principles that we must live by now more than ever.

Appignani’s statement is typical of sanctimonious leftists in academia who herald their version of the truth as fact while refusing to engage with the evidence.

The University of Miami should never have taken his money.