Announcing the Release of YAF’s Latest Book: Igniting a Movement

dsc_5216Young America’s Foundation is excited to announce the release of a new book that underscores the impact young conservatives have made in building our Movement. Young Americans for Freedom: Igniting a Movement by longtime Foundation leader Wayne Thorburn is a compelling history of the accomplishments made by young conservatives—accomplishments that many in the Left would have America forget.

It is available for order here.

This past year will certainly be remembered as a key year in the long history of the Conservative Movement. We know all too well that the media and those in academia deliberately overlook the accomplishments our cause has made over the last half century. Indeed, the Left is often quick to point out that young people are no longer supportive of conservatism.

Furthermore, it is often said that young people are at the forefront of change, but that is also true for the Conservative Movement.

In September 1960, college students came together with William F. Buckley, Jr. to found Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and draft the Sharon Statement, described by the Washington Post as a “declaration of principles of modern conservatism.” The New York Times called it the “the central manifesto of the Conservative Movement.”

Since then, Young Americans for Freedom worked closely with the leaders of the Conservative Movement, including William F. Buckley Jr., Senator Barry Goldwater, and President Ronald Reagan.

Today, YAF alumni can be found in leading positions in almost every Conservative Movement organization.

Young Americans for Freedom chapters—Young America’s Foundation’s chapter affiliate—are spearheading activism efforts on college and high school campuses from coast to coast. Today’s young YAF leaders are building on the hard work and dedication of Young Americas for Freedom activists throughout the past five decades.

This book tells the story of how young people built and continue to impact the Conservative Movement through Young Americans for Freedom.

From the iconic demonstrations of the 1960’s to the Reagan Administration to the battle for free speech today, Young Americans for Freedom: Igniting a Movement walks readers through YAF’s role in shaping generations of young conservatives, inspiring them to preserve the greatness of our country.

This important new book is essential reading for any person aspiring to develop a comprehensive understanding of youth activism in modern America.

Order your copy today.