Inconvenient TaxAs a student, what excites you most about entering the working world? Getting a “real” job, making money, being autonomous? Surely it isn’t filing taxes. The federal government has updated the tax code so many times that filing taxes has become one of the most grueling, complicated aspects of becoming an adult. An Inconvenient Tax, a new film from the Moving Picture Institute, has brought this issue to the big screen in a memorable, often infuriating, and highly motivating way. This film is premiering across the nation on April 15. Watch the trailer and selected clips at

In just the last two decades, Congress has made over 16,000 changes to the tax code. Why such an unbelievable number? Why such massive complexity? Simply put, taxes are becoming a means of exploiting the system. As legislators seek earmarks, pork, and perks for special interests, the government continues to complicate the tax code. And the American public is forced to try to comply with a code that no one—not even the IRS–understands.

An Inconvenient Tax attempts to crack that code, bringing in top economic and public policy experts to explain the history of the system and examine options for reform. The film provides an honest look at what has taken place in our federal government–and has immense potential to unite Americans in a grassroots movement for change.

So before you graduate or start off on your summer break, check out the film at your local theater or on your campus—or contact if you would like to arrange to bring the film to your campus. An Inconvenient Tax just may affect your future.

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