By Caitlyn McCoy 

Students enrolled in an American Studies course at Purdue University were recently required to watch a video guide on airport security for transgender people and write a reflection.

The $2,400 course is taught solely through 10-minute audio recordings by the professor, Stephen Horrocks, in conjunction with leftist YouTube videos and reading assignments.

This recently assigned video, produced by “The Gender Rebels,” advises “transgender” individuals on how to dress, pack luggage, and identify themselves when going through airport security.

“I’ll sometimes do hip or butt pads, or like, you know, stuff my bra,” one of the men says.

“They don’t care about your crotch, or your tits, or anything else. They just need to know where to look on you for an unusual density. The TSA doesn’t want to see your junk,” the other chimes in. He goes on to explain that male-to-female transgender individuals can perform “a really good tuck” on their genitalia in order to reduce the odds of being “outed.”

The course description promises an “introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American culture, history, and society in its national and global contexts.” It’s unclear why Professor Horrocks feels that this video is relevant to his American Studies course.

Upcoming assignments throughout the next two weeks include readings on “lesbian existence” and “the strange history of vibrators.” Students are also required to watch and write a reflection on a 48-minute-long LGBTQ+ music video.

“This class feels like an empty promise. I was promised a class that taught about history, politics, and culture. Instead, I am learning about this professor’s leftist agenda,” a student told Young America’s Foundation on the condition of anonymity.

Neither Horrocks nor a Purdue University spokesperson responded to YAF’s request for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

It has become increasingly clear that professors across the country are on a mission to indoctrinate–not educate–their students.