Angry alumni of Union College in Schenectady, New York have created a petition demanding their alma mater denounce the YAF chapter for its pro-police Instagram post earlier this month.

The petition claims that the formation of the YAF chapter shows “white supremacy” is permitted on the campus. They absurdly argue that the chapter “espouses racist and inflammatory statements.” The alumni claim that the conservative students’ viewpoints should “not be tolerated at an institution of higher learning.” The petition has just over 1,000 signatures.

Young America’s Foundation’s legal team sent a letter to the university last week informing them that a move to aid in the harassment and intimidation of conservative students on campus, including releasing personal contact information via doxxing, would not be tolerated.

This bitter attempt by leftists to silence conservative voices on campus is sadly unsurprising. The fact that leftist alumni are so up in arms at the existence of a conservative group shows that they truly have nothing better to do than bully conservatives.

Union College should take a bold stand in defense of the YAF chapter, encouraging their alumni to respect the First Amendment and to be proud of the diverse environment on campus.