Alabama State Senator Jim McClendon was one of the very few to vote “no” on a recent senate bill aimed at defunding Confucius Institutes. An investigation by YAF has revealed he went on a Confucius Institute sponsored trip to China in 2015–which may shine light on his decision to oppose the bill.

Others identified in the video of the trip to China include Alabama Senate Majority Leader Clay Scofield, Former Senator Gerald Dial, who is now on the board of trustees at Troy University, and Senator James Taylor ‘Jabo’ Waggoner.

The Confucius Institute at Troy University hosts an annual trip to China for educators and students. According to the university’s website, Hanban–the Confucius Institute Headquarters–paid for student and faculty lodging, meals, and Chinese transportation during the trip.

State Representative Terri Collins and Senator McClendon voiced opposition to Alabama House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 280, respectively, which intended to stop funding of Confucius Institutes.

They ignored serious information given to them by Congressman Mo Brooks–who mailed all 140 state legislators a letter, along with a U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee staff report outlining the Communist Chinese Party’s agenda to infiltrate the United States through Confucius Institutes.

McClendon did not respond to an email request from YAF alumnus Clint Reid on his reasoning for the vote or his further information on the 2015 trip.

What these leaders are signaling to their constituents and the country is that bending a knee to the Chinese Communist Party is more important than protecting the future of education in the United States. Denouncing the CCP’s infiltration of American universities should not be controversial.

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