Sweet, sweet victory. Today, we are pleased to congratulate Syracuse University Young Americans for Freedom on achieving official recognition after months of battling with university administrators.

First denied recognition back in February, the YAF activists pushed back against their university which claimed that the Sharon Statement was “exclusionary to international students” in asking members to support the United States Constitution. “The Board considers the ‘Sharon Statement’ to be contradictory to Article XI Statement of Non-Discrimination,” the original letter of denial from Syracuse’s Registered Student Organization Review Board stated.

The program coordinator of Syracuse’s office of student activities, Jill Wulfenstein, informed the YAF students on Monday that their chapter had received official recognition, according to an email obtained by Young America’s Foundation.

“I am delighted our university has finally allowed YAF on campus,” said Justine Murray, chairman of Syracuse YAF. “After almost a year of contention and some insincere denials showing bias against conservative voices, I believe Syracuse may be coming around to recognize the need to introduce more diverse viewpoints into the dialogue on campus. I truly hope this is a new beginning here for free speech. And, of course, I want to again thank President Trump for his executive order earlier this year that defends free speech on American campuses.”

Murray was careful to note that the chapter did not change any of its stated values in their constitution to appease the administration.

She also had some advice for conservative students who may face similar situations of adversity with their administrators. “Never back down no matter how intimidating administrators are, and to never give up, no matter how final a rejection may seem,” she said.  “Always question their reasons for silencing you. You have to persevere.”

With over 500 chapters nationwide, Young Americans for Freedom’s bold presence on campuses nationwide is proof that the Conservative Movement is growing and unstoppable.

Kyle Ferrebee, Director of YAF Chapter Services, applauded the chapter’s hard work at getting recognized. “As the Left continues to increase their attacks on America and freedom, Young Americans for Freedom chapters are continuing to grow at a rapid rate at both high school and college campuses across America,” he said. “Since YAF began in 1960, our chapters have been there to make sure their peers are aware of these conservative principles, and boldly persist despite the administrative obstacles and belligerent leftists that attempt to shame and scare conservatives into submission.”